Lovely Naramata Cabin in British Columbia, Canada

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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A vacation home is always special because it guarantees privacy, serenity and peace. The beautiful Naramata Cabin is one of the most incredible vacation houses in British Columbia, Canada, since it is placed on the beautiful shores of Lake Okanagan in Naramata.

Even though it is called a “cabin” this cozy abode is by all means and purposes a modern residence that boasts a subdued sense of luxury and humbleness at the same time. The company in charge of decorating the interior aspects of this exquisite project was Robert Bailey Interiors, whose experts thought is best to use a series of high quality, natural materials throughout, including French oak for the floors and ceilings.

The furnishings are simple yet flaunt a contemporary allure, and they were chosen to provide a sense of rugged comfort that befits a welcoming cabin. Moreover, large windows and vast living areas allow a seamless transition between the indoor spaces and the surrounding outdoors, transforming this cabin into a perfect destination for a relaxing summer holiday.

Photos by Josh Dunford

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