How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Private Spa

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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Everybody dreams at a spacious bathroom with a luxurious tub, maybe a Jacuzzi and many other facilities and accessories that we only find in spas. Our current reality may be very different from what we have in mind but remember that everything is possible!

If we really want to transform this private space into a spectacular one, an oasis of relaxation and total disconnection, we have to create a detailed plan because the ways to obtain something are various.

Light is very important when we want to relax. Some discreet spots, placed on top of the mirror are enough to create an intimate and nice atmosphere.

A congested and messy bathroom will never relax you and will make you feel more tired than you already are. That’s why you have to arrange it as beautiful as possible and put all things to their own place so the room can be nice and airy.

If you have a big bathroom flooded by natural light, then you’ll have to accessorize it with a natural element. Pick a big plant without flowers in order to resist to the humidity and place it by the window. Around the hotchpotch put some decorative pebbles to create a more relaxing image.

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If your bathroom is small and you don’t have enough space for a big plant, try to fix the mirror in order to give you the sensation of space. A big mirror in a small room will give you the necessary space.

For the floor you can use 2 types of materials: tiles or humidity resistant wood. The tiles offer is very varied and you can opt for sandstone, granite, stone, glass mosaic, and others. For the walls you can use the same materials. Plus, you can apply wallpaper, but you have to be very careful. Choose the water resistant type because otherwise it will deteriorate very quickly. Take our advice and use it on small surfaces, a corner or just on one wall for the sake of the effect.

You can choose and mix the colors by taking into account a series of factors: the size of your bathroom, its height, if it has windows or not.

If you own a small sized bathroom don’t even consider on decorating it with identical dark sandstone and faience because it will make it look even smaller.  For narrow spaces use bright colors but not excessively! Take care with the nuances you use because an intense orange, for example, will affect you in a negative way, because it’s a color that wakes up your senses and it will make you feel angry after a while. Use color accents on limited surfaces and keep it simple!

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The sink, the toilet, the tub and the bidet…

Try to choose the objects that will fit your available space; for example a tub with right angles will match with a sink with quadratic forms. If you will go in specialized stores you will find sets, but look out for the prices. Not everything that’s beautiful fits your budget. For a big bathroom, you can choose anything, but for a small one there are limited options.

A shower or a bathtub?

If you ask us, we would say…both! Do you have a spacious bathroom? Mount a bathtub and separate an area with a glass wall for the shower. If you don’t have enough space, then opt for a bathtub because you can always take a shower or a bath.

Take care of all the details because if you have chromate hangers, radiators and towel racks then you must watch for all the elements to be the same. You know what they say: small details make the difference!

Little scented candles will be placed on the edge of the bathtub and the sink and the rose petals in the water will make you feel relaxed from the moment you enter the room.

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Forget about the expensive cosmetic salons. Choose the complete relaxation, in the intimacy of your own home where you have unlimited time and where you can take your time!


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