Impressive Apartment in The Residence in Sydney

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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With is impressive, contemporary décor elements and spectacular views of the city of Sydney, this exceptional apartment can be found in the famed “The Residence” building in Hyde Park, right in the center of the famous capital.

The residence was decorated by 2 skilled Australian interior designers named John Pegrum and Dayne Van Bree, who did a fantastic job to say the least. As for the “The Residence” building itself, we can tell you that it used to be an office building during the 1970s, but it now houses some of the most exceptional apartments in Sydney.

Apart from the sublime modern art pieces that can be found in every room of this splendid abode, there are also a few natural plants scattered here and there for a touch of contrast. Moreover, the stunning views of St Mary’s Cathedral, Hyde Park and the Sydney Harbor can be admired without obstruction thanks to the large floor-to-ceiling windows.

Photos by Credic Tourasse Photography

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