Impressively Designed Wooden Concrete House In Israel


Even though the name of the Wooden Concrete house might seem somewhat confusing at first, the reality is that this incredible residence was actually built using these 2 contrasting materials. The Wooden Concrete house can be found in Kfar Shmariau, Israel, and it was envisioned by Nestor Sandbank from Nestor Architecture.

Apart from its great-looking wooden and concrete façade, this home also impresses with a welcoming, spacious and beautifully decorated interior that features lovely art pieces, comfortable sofas, large beds and amazing lighting arrangements. Sliding glass doors and large windows allow natural light to flow throughout the living areas effortlessly, especially at the ground floor where the boundaries between the indoor and outdoor are efficiently blurred.

Outside we find tables, comfy seats and small white sofas that are placed in close proximity to a swimming pool, which can be used to cool off on a warm summer day before enjoying a relaxing tanning session.

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