Italian Inspired Malibu House

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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This 6,152-sq-ft home is situated in Malibu, California. The proximity to the Pacific Coast Highway and being located on the “Main Street” in Malibu makes all the difference for this residence.

The inspiration for the design of the house came from Italian residences. One can easily notice that from the stoned exterior, which gives it a rural aspect in combination with the decorating plants. Wall-large glass windows are a ‘must’ when it comes to the extraordinary views around the home. One must see the Pacific Ocean from every corner! From this point of view, the architects made a good choice making the roof a 2,500 sq ft deck space.

Connected to the house through the terrace is the swimming pool that is actually connected to the ocean through the small yard in front. Your guests are sure to be amazed by the view they’ll get while getting a lovely tan on your terrace.

The interior is spacious and with a total of 4 bedrooms. The design is modern and with accents like leather furniture for the living and a spiral staircase. Price is $26,000,000.

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