Home Bathroom Greenland Road Home in Atlanta

Greenland Road Home in Atlanta


This three-generation home in Atlanta, Georgia, was designed by Studio One Architecture.

The interior and exterior spaces of this house flaunt a very special connection. The exterior uncovers inside rooms and includes the interior in a unique design. The long two-level building is set on a sloping terrain, but the difference in level is corrected by wood floors.

Multiple types of technologies meet in this house concept which is trying to get a LEED certificate. For example, heating and cooling are done using geothermal energy, the appliances are of low energy use, and the roof is prepared to generate photo-voltaic energy.

Wood is the central and binding material for different parts of the house. White blocks of concrete are tied together along this home with wood decking, wood windows or wood balconies.

The warm inside offers a calming view over the surroundings. Natural tones create a connection with the forest enhanced by large windows or entire glass walls.