Lit Casa Curato in Zapopan, Mexico


The Casa Curato in Zapopan, Mexico is a homey residence especially designed by Hernandez Silva Arquitectos for those who want to own a typical home for a family that wants to raise kids in a quiet and calm neighborhood. If you’re a conservative person or a modern one, then this is the house for you. The boomerang shaped emplacement created the connection between the home and the backyard making all looking like a single unit. The residence was built according the owner’s wish of having a comfortable, practical and pleasant house. As you enter the house you get welcomed by an interior double-height patio containing a 6m tree which provides a calm and quiet atmosphere.

As you can see, this property was accessorized with fine details and smooth lines based on simple materials such as plastered walls, white steel, coated aluminum, San Andrés gray stone, black America limestone strips, walnut wood and also tempered glass. All this place does is to make each day greater and to provide light for your eyes, mind and soul.

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