Magnificent Thorncrest House In Ontario, Canada

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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The Thorncrest House can be found within the city of Etobicoke in Ontario, Canada, and it was designed by a company called Altius Architecture. This spacious and comfortable residence is able to accommodate a large family of 6 as well as quite a few guests in fantastic conditions, all thanks to a generous amount of high-end conveniences and exceptional materials that can be found throughout.

In order to ensure that the main living areas would receive and excessive amount of natural light, the architects decided to use a series of cantilevered volumes and deep roof overhangs that would ensure adequate shading throughout the day. Apart from its large living room, lovely catwalk and welcoming decorations, the Thorncrest House also boasts a fully equipped kitchen, a dining table for 8 as well as a plethora of wooden accents for a touch of warmth and coziness.

On the outside, the residence impresses with distinct Spanish cedar elements and a superb blue zinc cladding that allows it to stand out effortlessly.

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