Minimalistic Apartment In Gdynia, Poland


This elegant and minimalistic apartment was designed by Design Studio Dragon Art, and it can be found in Gdynia, Poland. It is a modern, spacious abode that was created by merging two smaller apartments. It provides irreproachable accommodations for a medium-sized family of four, all thanks to its generous selection of high-end amenities and facilities.

The largest and one of the most impressive areas of the house is represented by an open space that comprises the kitchen, seating area and dining area. The living room is connected to a terrace and provides great relaxation and socialization opportunities, as does the lounge with its Flos lamp and eye-catching bookcase.

As far as storage is concerned, many of the cabinets and lockers are hidden away behind tall panels or doors in order to maintain a harmonious, welcoming atmosphere throughout the residence.

Photos by Foto & mohito

From the architect:

The apartment has been designed with highest care to detail. Apartment was created from two smaller interconnected apartments and has been adapted to the needs of a family of four.The main part of the house is an open space where there is a kitchen, dining area and seating area. In living is a direct exit to the terrace. In the lounge area the unusual Flos lamp and suspended above the sofa unusual bookcase have attracted our attention. A majority of cabinets and closets is hidden behind tall panels or door opening pressure, making it harder to guess where there are lockers.

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