Modern And Comfortable O Residence In Tokyo, Japan

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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The modern and luxurious O Residence can be found in Tokyo, Japan, and it was completed in 2014 by a team of skilled architects from Shinichi Ogawa & Associates.  Even though it is a part of one of the busiest and most urbanized areas in Japan, this home benefits from wonderful views of a green landscape, which is definitely a huge advantage.

The abode features 1,711 square feet of space and was built using reinforced concrete, while its layout involves 3 box-culverts that were placed on top of each other. The ground floor of the O Residence houses a garage, while the second one is reserved for the LDK. The private accommodations such as the master bedrooms and the children’s rooms are found on the third floor, which also includes a large bathroom. These areas are linked by a special corridor that can also be used as a walk-in closet.

Overall, the interior arrangements give off an allure of minimalism and elegance thanks to a combination of crisp white, shiny finishes and contemporary furniture pieces.

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