Modern and Luxurious Vivienda La Florida Residence in Madrid


Even though the Vivienda La Florida residence was nestled in a lush, peaceful environment, its close proximity to Madrid’s A6 highway meant that it would be bombarded with sound each and every day. Fortunately, the skilled architects from Otto Medem de la Torriente that were in charge of the project managed to come up with an ingenious solution that would shelter the residents of this fantastic home from the noise as well as from the frightful northern winds.

In the end, it all came down to placement and shape. The home was built using 2 L-shaped pieces that show their backs to the highway, while their front is facing southeast in order to benefit from the warmth of the sun more efficiently.

The abode was built on three different levels, including a basement area, a ground floor and an upper floor. Beautiful on the outside and luxurious on the inside, the Vivienda La Florida residence is definitely spectacular in all regards.

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