Amazing Rustic House Merged with Nature

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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This modern residence is a project designed by the designer and architect Fernanda Marques. It’s a 1-story, 250 square meters house that when you’re outside makes you feel like you’re inside.

This unique architectural project takes the blurring of the separation between areas to a whole new level through the multiple wooden decks that connect various rooms to the outdoors, glass ceilings and floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors, in this way exposing the entire house to the great outdoors.

The bungalow style house is so blended with the nature that you can’t perceive whether the home is outdoors or inside.

The house is furnished with sustainable, raw materials, such as limestone floors and stone walls that provide a natural and rustic atmosphere, wood accents used in furniture and walls or glass that lines the ceiling to allow the sunlight to penetrate the interior.

Via Home Designing

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