Modernly Renovated Apartment In Barcelona, Spain

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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This brand new renovation project was completed in 2014 by nookarchitects, and it can be found in Barcelona, Spain. The apartment includes 1,237 square feet of living space and was modified extensively in order to comply with its new owner’s needs. The owner is a young girl who currently lives by herself, but the abode is also well suited to accommodate a family should the need arise at a later date.

The residence originally featured 2 entrances, but one of them was eliminated and a new toilet area was created in its place. The entryway now leads to a special living area at the core of the home that also includes a well-equipped kitchen.

The interior theme is based on a plethora of white elements whether we’re talking about the walls, ceilings and even some of the furnishings. This multitude of white elements is balanced by high quality wooden floors that extend all the way to a patio. The patio benefits from gorgeous views of the city and offers great opportunities for relaxation.

Photos by nieve | Productora Audiovisual

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