Net-Zero Energy House by Klopf Architecture

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Net-Zero Energy House is, as its name suggests, a home built with sustainability in mind. It was designed by Klopf Architecture with respect to the environment and the neighbors. Since the owners couldn’t find a single-story design that would accommodate all their needs without compromising the back yard, the architects were faced with the challenge of building a two-story house with a low profile that would not be disrespectful of the neighbors.

The owners also wanted a home that would provide plenty of privacy and yet keep an open profile and welcome plenty of natural light inside. Another request was that of finding various solutions to make the building as “green” as possible.

In order to maintain a low profile, the building was given a partially-submerged level and one above ground. The lower floor was designed to look as little as possible like a regular basement level. It got a light well, a pulled-back floor plate and a light-filled “atrium”. Sustainability was achieved by using long-lasting building materials, a photovoltaic system, smart insulation and other advanced technologies. The only place where natural gas may be necessary is for the backyard barbeque.

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