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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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We are bringing to your attention a $12.700.000 exceptional One Hawkeye Place built in 2008. To its construction was used timber, stone and iron which mixed together created a refined and rustic environment.  The residence is high-class because everything seems to have its own perfect place and every detail is nicely finished.

All the utilities and the amenities make the house functional, detaching it from the stigma of just being luxurious and classy.

Among its many rooms, at the first level, there are a game room, a bar, a wine room, a steam room, a theatre, a golf room and 3 gorgeous bedroom suites.

The surprising thing, in a pleasant way, is that in this house there is more than one fireplace and almost everything is unique and has its own little story.

A beautiful chandelier hangs over an inviting fireplace near which two sofas and a coffee table are placed for the family and friends to debug memories and stories.

There are things here that you’ve never seen such as the carved refrigerator and the custom hammered copper hood in the kitchen.

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The upper level is where the master suite can be found. It has an amazing custom hand carved painted king bed with concealed TV.

You must have a lot of imagination and skills in order to create such a perfect place and the Ontario Design group had the necessary years of experience and vision to create it.

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