Luxurious Doulton Place In Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


It’s hard to find a more luxurious residence in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada than the one that we’re about to describe. The Doulton Place is an epitome of luxury and fine taste that offers 18,000 square feet of lavish living space. The abode was built on a 1.8-acre gated property, and it looks like it was designed to be inhabited by kings and queens.

There are 8 full bathrooms, 3 partial bathrooms and 7 bedrooms in the house. The grand entrance features two curved staircases that lead the way to the curved balconies found on the first floor. Highlights include formal and informal entertainment areas, fully equipped kitchens and an indoor swimming pool that offers exceptional opportunities for relaxation and fun. As you can probably imagine, such a sumptuous home requires the services of a housekeeper, and so the Doulton Place offers special accommodations for that purpose.
As far as decorations go, instantly noticeable are the chandeliers, the ornate columns and the natural flowers that add a touch of delicacy and warmth. Doulton Place costs $9.4 million.

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