Spacious And Luxurious Home In Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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The contemporary masterpiece that we’re about to present is named Integral House, and it is located on Roxborough Drive, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Featuring 17,000 square feet of space, the residence was created by a team of experts that used only the highest quality materials and finishes. At the front, it boasts a double-height facade, while its rear spreads five stories downwards into a ravine.

Private living areas comprise eight bathrooms, four bedrooms and a two-bedroom guest flat. The most noteworthy amenities include a spa complex, an indoor exercise pool and a concert hall. The house is listed for $23.3 million and offers exceptional opportunities for music-based entertainment. Throughout its halls and corridors, the residents are able to feast their eyes on exceptional works of art, whether we’re talking about inspiring sculptures or wonderful paintings.

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