Private Forest House by EMA

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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The Forest House located in Mazamitla, Mexico, was designed by EMA, Espacio Multicultural Arquitectura. It is set in the mountains of Mazamitla, 120 kilometers away from Guadalajara (Mexico) and is surrounded by a thick pine forest.

The shape of the walls and of the basement of the house is given by the stones found on the site. The entrance is protected from both sides; by the stones of the mountain and by a wall with a direct view from inside the house to the same stonewalls.

The house consists in two volumes that are united and form a double-height space corresponding to a cube of 7 meters side that offers great views to the surroundings.

The lower level accommodates the living area and the entrance, while the upper level features two rooms: the grandparents’ (homeowners) and their grandchildren’s.


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