Remarkable Green House In Rozelle NSW, Australia


The Green House in Rozelle NSW, Australia was designed by Carterwilliamson Architects and was completed in 2013. The design team consisted of Kellie Beatty, Lisa Merkesteyn and Shaun Carter, while the landscape architects team included Melissa Wilson and Cardno.

The residence boasts 2 levels that are connected via a staircase and ensure a proper separation between the living and private areas. Spacious and welcoming, the Green House was created using a mix of timber, brick and glass mosaic elements that blend seamlessly and ensure a harmonious, clean look. Even though it was built in a highly urbanized area, the abode is surrounded by a generous amount of vegetation thanks to a green courtyard that includes bespoke timber garden boxes.

As far as sustainability is concerned, the Green House was built using natural yet durable materials that will undoubtedly withstand the battering of time, but natural light and cross-ventilation are also key factors that contribute to its energetic independence.

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