6 Interesting Ideas for Using Kitchen Strainers As Decorative Objects


Kitchen items that you no longer use due to their deterioration are suitable for creating home décor accessories. The kitchen strainer is one of these objects. Here are some ideas that might inspire you to create your own home decorations using old objects.

Flower pots

Colanders are large vessels, and because of that they are suitable for planting flowers. All you have to do is to cover the holes in order to prevent the potting soil from spreading. These objects can be used as flower pots for climbing plants or herbs. So, you can hang them in the garden, thus obtaining an impressive décor.

Lighting systems

With a little imagination, you can create unique lighting systems. The kitchen strainers are suitable for manufacturing original lamps. Thanks to the holes, the colanders will permit light to be reflected into the room. If the kitchen accessories are colorful, the effect obtained will be even more enjoyable because you can get a dim light in the room.

Lampshade for the lamp

You can use the colander as a lampshade for a desk lamp. In this regard, the most suitable are the small colanders.

Support for lollipops

If you’ll decorate it in a pleasant way, the colander (no matter how old it is), will become a very nice support for candy.

Fruit bowl

Berries are kept better in vessels that are not uniform. So, if you keep the berries in a colander, will last longer than if you would have kept them in a plastic container.

Accessories for the party

The colanders can be used as home décor accessories if you’re throwing a party. Link the kitchen strainers to a hook and bind some ribbons on its surface. Thus, you will obtain interesting and colorful decorations that will cheer up the party atmosphere.


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