Resort-Style Whistler Residence by Battersby Howat Architects

Resort-style Whistler Residence By Battersby Howat Architects

This two-story contemporary residence in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, is a remarkable project completed by Vancouver-based design studio Battersby Howat Architects.

The owners of the home wanted a contemporary dwelling for seven, with a design that would take its inspiration from the “timber structures characteristic of a Whistler Chalet”, Whistler being a resort town situated in an amazing environment, with breathtaking landscapes.

Unsurprisingly, the house was dubbed the Whistler Residence, and the architects managed to do exactly what the owners required. Even though quite large, the house seems very modest in size, thanks to some architectural and topographic tricks, such as the strategic removal of the bedrock in order to make part of the building appear to be below grade.

Resort-Style Whistler Residence by Battersby Howat Architects

Photos by: Sama Jim Canzian

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