Spacious And Inviting Loft In Kiev, Ukraine


For many of us, when it comes to choosing a perfect home, space is the very definition of comfort. This generously sized apartment in Kiev, Ukraine was designed by a firm named  2B Group, and even though its spaciousness might be considered intimidating at a glance, its comfortable living arrangements and natural color palette bring balance and give off a sense of warmth and coziness.

Beige, light brown, white and light tones of blue for contrast adorn the walls, furniture pieces and the décor elements of this amazing apartment. Furthermore, aside from its airy open spaces, natural wood finishes and modern amenities, the loft also impresses with breathtaking views of Ukraine’s capital city.

Other highlights include a large wooden dining table that can seat 6 guests effortlessly, large windows, a comfortable and welcoming bed in the main bedroom, eye-catching lighting arrangements and artistic decorations that adorn the walls and shelves. See it all for yourself in the following images.

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