Luminous Penthouse In Berlin By Ando Studio

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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The good people at Ando Studio envisioned this outstanding 2-story penthouse that is set to become a reality in Berlin, Germany. The penthouse features its own roof terrace and boasts comfortable, welcoming living arrangements that are bathed in natural light.

The color palette is dominated by white, light brown and dark brown – tones that emphasize a connection with the natural environment. This connection is further enhanced by the use of natural plants as decorative elements, but also by the fireplaces that give off a sense of natural warmth.

The terrace we mentioned before flaunts a large and comfortable L-shaped sofa, a small pool, loungers, umbrellas and tables. This penthouse was envisioned as a spacious and luxurious abode that is perfectly capable of sustaining a lavish lifestyle for its lucky owner.

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