Spectacular Villa B In Bidart, France

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Located in the French commune named Bidart, Villa B is a remarkable residence that received a spectacular interior makeover by Atelier Delphine Carrère. The home was designed with modernism and spaciousness in mind, but it still managed to retain its original charm and classic allure.

The materials that were used in the renovation process involved resin, wood, marble and glass mosaic, all blending seamlessly in order to give off a sense of sophistication and fine taste. The living room features exceptional views of the ocean and of the swimming pool, and it offers fantastic opportunities or relaxation and socialization.

The high quality parquetry was created using sturdy and reliable oak, which blends seamlessly with the architectural lighting arrangements that were implemented by a firm called Viabizzuno. The bathroom is flooded with natural light and boasts a remarkable mix of emerald and black elements that form a superb contrast of color and texture. The master bedroom features its own dressing area, and it can be found at the first level of the abode, next to 2 other bedrooms.

Photos by Antoine Huot

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