Sumptuous Scottish Castle in Colorado

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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Prepare yourself to be overwhelmed by a $7,200,000 Scottish Castle, the ultimate in luxury real estate. Situated right in the heart of Cherry Hills Village, overlooking the Highland Canal, lake and the Rocky Mountains, it was easily integrated in the natural landscape due to its dramatic fa├žade of natural stone.

The interior abounds in luxury because of all the exceptional architectural elements. Get ready to see one of the most elegant living rooms with a natural stone fireplace, an open air atrium with interior garden and a large gathering room with full service bar.

It was expected, in a way, for the second floor to include a grand staircase and landing and a spacious library with high ceilings and stone fireplace.

Here comes the resistance piece, meaning the master suite, a private space full of luxury and elegance with a covered deck that offers breathtaking mountain views.

On sale for $7,200,000! Be smart and make a good investment!

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