Tranquil House in Melides by Pedro Reis


Here’s a gorgeous piece under the name of House in Melides that was designed by Pedro Reis and has its nest in Grândola Municipality, Portugal. Pretty simple at a first impression, this gorgeous construction has a strong geometric imprint. The aim of building a house by this kind of pattern is to be able to split it into two areas, in this case one being more exposed and the other one being more private.

The upper volume gives one the sensation of stepping into a modern place which has large windows that offer views over the scenic countryside, while the lower volume is more of a support that gives this home certain stability. The center of the house is focused on the kitchen that acts as a crossing-point for all access.

Here, you can find an oasis of calm and tranquility which is available so you can manage to achieve your inner happiness and enjoy the most of life.

Photos by FG+SG

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