Amazing 7 Timberline Lane-$1,999,000


Frank Lloyd Wright’s last apprentice created a spectacular residence of nearly 6,000 square foot which amazes every visitor that steps its threshold. The 7 Timberline Lane is valued at $1,999,000 and beside the property, the future owner will be glad to benefit from the place’s aura.

As you enter the property, you immediately notice the rocky, Cliffside perch, and pass along a 29-foot rubber tree surrounded by boulders to finally arrive to the main level of the living space consisting in a gorgeous kitchen, a dining area and a living room.

The existing rubber tree plays its role very well and proves that all you need is a tree instead of some sustaining walls for your living room.

It’s a lot easier when you own a luxurious 5,746 sq. ft. home, isn’t it?

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