Upgraded Cove Way House by Bedmar and Shi

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This kind of inviting house lures you in and never lets go because it enchants you with its architectural charms. The Cove Way House in Sentosa Island is an exquisite project completed in 2010 by the Singapore-based studio Bedmar and Shi.

The front entrance of the house is perfected by heavy stone walls in order to form a natural portal that reveals the house gradually for the visitor, so he can discover later its dimly lit interiors. In contrast, the living room was designed as a lightweight glass box that feels like a large garden room due to its airy style that makes it become one with the outdoor space.

The courtyard is traversed by slick glass bridges at each level. The fact that this project provides open spaces, the separation between the forms permits air and light to circulate through the house. A sense of rustic was added by using natural finishes such as raw rubble walls, natural teak, plaster walls and also fine modern materials such as stainless steel and glass flooring.

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Everything in the house seems to reinterpret traditional form and spaces, all being brought up to the modern times.

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