What Are The Best Tips For Home Decorating Using Area Rugs?

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Adding an area rug to a room that lacks excitement is one of the best ways to improve the overall appearance of the room.An area rug can do many things to a room that lacks excitement. It will define a room, anchor it, add warmth, and enhance the interior decor in the room.There are different ways to decorate a room with an area rug. Here are some of the best tips for home decoration using area rugs.

decoratng rugs

  • Using an area rug as a wall art
  • Softening the staircase using area rugs
  • Controlling the volume of a room
  • Transforming an old area rug into a pet bed
  • Creating a focal point
  • Getting the right size

Using An Area Rug As A Wall Art

Rugs can be used to serve the purpose of artistic creations as well. Most area rugs are artistic creations in themselves.Making a beautiful piece of wall art out of an area rug is another way to decorate your home.Once you clean the area rug, assuming you have had it for a while, you can get it framed and hang it on the wall. Or, just buy a new one and hang it.Either way, this creates a different feel from the usual paintings and prints that most people have on their walls.

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Softening The Staircase Using An Area Rug

Another creative way to use an area rug in your home is to use it on the staircase.Area rugs are some of the best products to soften the appearance of your staircase. It offers a layer of safety and acts as a cosy cushion on the staircase. It makes the staircase a safe place for your children as well as enhances the interior decor in your home. That’s why you need to use an old area rug to soften the appearance of the staircase in your home. You just need to make sure that it’s securely held in position so it doesn’t slip down the stairs taking people with it.

decoratng rugs

Controlling The Volume Of A Room

An area rug can help to visually quieten or turn up the volume of a room as needed. If the furniture and upholstery are quite subdued in the room, you should opt for an area rug with bolder colours and a busier pattern. This will add more interest to your room. On the other hand, if the furniture and upholstery have a more ornate pattern, you should opt for an area rug that is more subtle. This is one way in which you can control the visual volume of your room by using a quality area rug.

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Transforming An Old Area Rug Into A Pet Bed

If you have an old area rug that you cannot use for any other purpose, you should consider transforming the rug into a pet bed for your beloved pets. You will be able to give your pet the comfort and convenience it deserves. In fact, your loving pet will have a much cosier place to live and sleep during cold nights when you use an old area rug as a pet bed. Transforming an area rug into a pet bed isn’t difficult at all. Make sure you do it right for the comfort of your loving pet. The size of the rug will also play a part in the decision.

Creating A Focal Point

You can use an artistic area rug as the focal point of a room. This can make a huge impact in your room to enhance the overall appearance and beauty of the space. The paint on your wall and the colour scheme of the area rug should complement each other for the best results in this regard. A rug doesn’t need to be a rectangle at all times. Let the furniture in your room dictate the shape of the rug you plan to purchase. Figure out what shape looks the best in your room. There are square, oval, and round shaped rugs so there are plenty of options. Choose the best shape to match your room when creating a focal point.

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Getting The Right Size

You should opt for the right size rug when decorating a room with an area rug. When buying a room size rug, you should subtract three feet each from the width and length of the room. The room should look a little larger with the area rug. It will help to enhance the interior decor and overall appearance of your room. If you are looking to purchase an affordable, top quality area rug, then look no further than The Rug LadyThe Rug Lady is one of the most trusted online rug stores in Australia and has rugs of all shapes and sizes to fit any room of the house.

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