Burglar-proof Your Home for Cheap with These 5 Tips

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There’s no denying that in today’s world, security systems are a must for any modern home. These networks of devices work harmoniously to safeguard your property from the likes of burglars and criminals. But not everyone has the budget to spend on a security system and some people just aren’t interested in paying for monthly fees.

Home Burglar-proof 

Even if you have the money to spend for residential protection, it won’t hurt to implement a few cost-effective measures to reinforce your home security. With that said, we’ve gathered these 5 burglar-proofing tips that you can implement right away with little to no cost as suggested by Casa Security.

1. Keep your doors and windows locked

Locking doors and windows is one of the basic fundamentals of home security. Before you leave the house, make it a habit to lock your doors and windows.There’s no point in setting up a security system if your back door is left open for the intruder to walk in. Burglars are always looking for easy ways to force their entry and an open door or window is just asking for trouble.

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Most thieves are active at night when everyone’s asleep. Even if you’re at home, it pays to lock everything down before turning the lights off to reduce the risks of a break-in. You should also double down on your locks, particularly on the back door. It only takes a few, well-placed kicks for a sliding lock to be displaced so make sure to add a second lock for added protection.

2. Inspect the condition of your locks

Take a close look at your door and window locks. Are they still in good condition? Or are they starting to exhibit signs of wear and tear? If you notice your locks are in bad shape, consider replacing them immediately. Flimsy locks compromise your home security and make life easier for burglars who are looking to force their entry. Perhaps one of your locks has been tampered and is not locking properly anymore. If this is the case, then you should replace it with a different style of lock that’s difficult to pick.

There are tamper-resistant locks available on the market that are specifically designed to resist picking and large amounts of force. Some locks even have key shutters that cover up the keyhole which can only be opened with a specially-shaped key. Investing in brand new locks is a cheap yet effective way of protecting your home against burglars and intruders.

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3. Fortify the hardware in your home

So you’ve locked all of your doors and windows and invested in sturdier, more durable locks. What’s next? Fortify the hardware in your home. You can do this by replacing the screws that hold down the strike plate with ¾ inch long screws. No matter how hard a burglars kicks the door, it won’t budge due to the long screws holding it down. You can also add a security bar behind the door to jam it inside and practically make it impossible for the intruder to barge through it. Security bars brace your door from impact and force which buys you enough time to call the police authorities in the event of a forced entry.

It’s also worth replacing wooden door jambs with metal ones that are more resistant to brute force. Lastly, make sure to inspect the doorknob/window handles and ensure they’re working properly. Making hardware upgrades to your home will take your home security a step further and burglar-proof it without spending tons of cash.

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4. Install sufficient lighting around your property

Homes that lack adequate lighting are prime targets for burglars and criminals. They know they’re less likely to be spotted which puts the property at an increased risk. To discourage burglars from forcing their entry, consider installing sufficient lighting around your home. Make sure each entry/exit point is well-illuminated and there are no pitch-black areas where burglars can lurk and hide.

Some homeowners prefer installing motion-sensing lights on dimly-lit areas in their property. These lights activate when they detect heat waves from moving objects, making them ideal for less conspicuous areas in your home. Key areas to install lighting are the front and back doors and the backyard. When a home appears well-lit, it discourages burglars from forcing their entry as they can easily be detected with even the slightest of movement.

5. Stash your valuables in a safe place

It’s best to keep your valuables out of plain sight to avoid attracting the attention of burglars and thieves. Park your bike, motorcycle, or car inside the garage and lower the window blinds to prevent outsiders from spying inside your home Remember, the less attention you draw from burglars, the less likely your home will be targeted by them.

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Stash your jewelry, documents, and other valuables in a safe place that’s only accessible to you. Ideally, you should keep these items inside a bullet-proof safe for maximum protection. It’s never a good idea to keep most of your money inside your house so make sure to deposit your cash into a savings account and only carry money that you need with you.

You don’t need to shell out tons of cash to fortify your home security. You just need to implement a few value-based measures to further protect your valuables. Before you invest in a security system, make sure you nail down these 5 practical tips to make you home fully burglar-proof.


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