20 Deco Finds “Wow” on Pinterest for an inspiring start to the year!

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2019 is so fast! During this year, the world of DIY has exploded with the thousand and one projects shared on social networks and we took the opportunity to harvest our favorites!

In order to start the year 2020 in style, here are 20 inspiring and easy to find Pinterest finds !

1. The coppery accents

Copper accents

Copper is the new black! Indeed, this metallic finish has carved a place of choice in decoration. Used in accent on a piece of furniture or an accessory, it will certainly turn heads!

2. The posh globes

Earth Globe

You have probably already seen these pretty painted world globes! If you have one for several years and you have lost a little interest in it, bring it up to date by painting it to turn it into a chic accessory!

3. The new kind of planters


A nice way to integrate a little greenery into our interiors! Made from simple golden metal straws and rope, these geometric mini-planters will bring a breeze of fresh air to your home!

4. Wood + leather


Who said tablets were just boards and squares? There are however many ways to jazz them and leather racks are a good example. You can also make this DIY by reusing old belts!

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5. Hat rack

Hat rack

My favorite DIY! Perfect for the vestibule or bedroom, this hat rack is both storage and decorative. In addition, since the felt hats have re-entered our wardrobes, it’s the perfect DIY to store them without hiding!

6. Concrete pots

Flower pots

Aaah concrete , this versatile material, inexpensive and multifunctional. My favorite project? These cute little flower pots that you can mold yourself in the comfort of your own home.

7. World map wall

Golden wall

A nice way to give oomph to your white walls! Make your own unique wall using only gold paint . The effect is splendid and so inexpensive!

8. IKEA hack darling


Do you recognize these traditional wooden stools from IKEA? It’s crazy what you can do with a little paint! A layer of black and gold and you will get chic stools that will look straight out of a magazine!

9. Suspended print

Tropical print

Who said we should always use frames to display our favorite prints? Here, we revisit the “manuscript” style display by inserting our image between two wooden sticks. We hang everything on the wall with a nice rope and you’re done!

10. Braided luminaire

Braided luminaire

Knitting and macrame are also in vogue! We take inspiration from the famous XXL knitted blankets and apply the principle to the luminaires. Knit around the wire of your hanging fixture for a super cozy effect !

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11. The marble

Table and accessories

Marble surfaces are more and more present. But do not leave in fear: no need to get real marble to make your DIY! By purchasing a “marble effect” vinyl, you can cover the surface of your choice (tabletop, tablet, etc.) and get an almost identical look for a fraction of the price. To be mistaken!

12. Boho-chic pendant

Wall suspension

THE boho-chic wall decor par excellence! The best part of it is that this DIY does not cost anything! A wooden stick, a string of imitation suede, some feathers … And that’s it!

13. Aztec executives

Aztec executives

Reclaimed wood was so popular in 2019 and I bet it will be the same this year! Here, it is used differently by creating beautiful works of art of Aztec style. Some oblique cuts and a little paint, that’s all you need!

14. Pegboard

Wall storage

Do you know pegboards ? If not, I present the modular storage mode par excellence! Made of a perforated base and some wooden studs, you can store everything you want. The most beautiful in all this? You can do it yourself at a low price!

15. Geometric wall

Vintage deco

Another very simple way to give some shine to your walls. Create a focus by painting a colorful graphic over a piece of furniture and accessorize all of your favorite items. Simple and so pretty!

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16. Multi-frames

managerial staff

Are you an image collector and looking for a way to show all your favorite shots? Create your own gallery by grouping a multitude of frames to form a unique mosaic! Psst: to create a high-end effect, choose frames a little larger than necessary. The large white outline will highlight the image!

17. Watercolor


What is good with watercolor is that it is unpredictable. Mix a little paint and water in simple white plates to get pretty decorative plates. Make a few and hang them on the wall of your dining room!

18. Geometric Terrarium


The terrariums had certainly been popular in 2019. Pretty, lively and stylish, they form moist environments favoring the growth of plants, regardless of the outside temperature. The most beautiful in my opinion? Geometric terrariums of metal and glass!

19. Black, white and gold


Black, white and gold is always a winning combo. Glam, contrasted and with just enough character, this amalgam will transform your simplest pieces into masterpieces of decoration. A little trick: play with the patterns!

20. Twins design and their perfect jars

Boho-chic decor

Finally, here is one of the achievements of Design Twins , two Australian designers who made themselves known thanks to their beautiful painted flower pots. Get inspired by their pretty achievements by painting similar patterns on white pots for a fraction of the price. With a little adhesive tape, paint and patience, you can very well come up with a similar result!

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