How To Create A Tropical Oasis In Your Home With Beach Wallpaper


Looking to spruce up a corner of your house with one of the hottest trends in interior design? Try setting up a tropical oasis to enjoy year round! Homeowners everywhere are looking to bring a little of the tropical outdoors inside for enjoyment and floral fraternization; regardless of which area of your home needs the makeover, we have the tools and design concepts to transform your home into a lush, tropical oasis.

Let’s get started!

1. Create a cozy beach corner

With wallpaper coming back into style in a BIG way, what better time to capitalize on this trend than with sunny beach wallpaper in your office or bedroom? Patterns and scenery on your beach wallpaper create a wonderfully warm, inviting atmosphere for some rest, relaxation, and even tropical inspiration, depending on where you play it. Couple it with some beach fare—-sand dollars, shells, fishing net, and lush greenery, and you have all the makings of paradise in the middle of your home.

2. Max out your inspiration and creativity

If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting a tropical flower garden, there is no limit to the color and foliage creations that you will see. You can mimic this live action by piling on the color, size and texture—while you may think it will be over the top, the whole look will come together quite nicely when you consider the big picture.

3. Air out the porch

If you have a well lit porch or sunroom, consider airing it out and breathing some tropical summer into this space. Staples like wicker furniture, baskets of greenery, and bright colors will make you feel some sunshine in your soul, no matter what is going on outside.

4. Add some ocean into your space

Nothing speaks to the tropics more than the feel and look of the ocean. Adding some bright blue duvet covers in your bedroom, or picking bold, bright colors for walls in the kitchen or bathroom are great ways to infuse the sea into your living space. Blue accent pieces of furniture pull the whole room together for a fun-in-the-sun look.

5. Create some vintage artwork

How cool would it look to have some vintage beachwear framed and on your wall in your little oasis? See what you can find at thrift shops in your area, or even consider making a collage or painting to spruce up your home. Let your creativity flow—the sky’s the limit!

6. Store your beach accessories creatively

All those cool totes and grand beach hats are beautiful; they should be on display when they are not in use. Design one of the walls in your beach corner with large hooks and create a unique piece of artwork with all of your beach accessories. When you need them, grab and go! When you return from your excursions, hang them back up—it’s simple and beautiful all at the same time!

7. Play with tables capes in your dining area

When you don’t have a huge budget for your tropical transformation, consider setting up a small display on a coffee table or even in your dining room with tropical flair. Bright colors, animal patterns, and lush greenery help to inspire visions of warm and lazy days at the beach.

8. Choose some architectural pieces

The combination of dark wood and light pieces is a classic tropical look–combine some dark wood trim with whitewashed walls and furniture to bring your whole look together. Dark end tables and even a wooden chandelier bring a certain character and charm to your space.

9. It’s in the details

Bring your whole look together with a few well placed tchotchkes on tables and walls—-it really is in the little details. Regardless of where your tropical oasis is, you can always find little decorations to help coordinate and bring your whole look together.

10. Embrace some animals!

Large, lush drawings and paintings of palm trees are one easy way to bring the outdoors into your home—–another easy way to pull a look together is through the use of animal inspired artwork.

Framed pictures or drawings of animals are classic and timeless, and they can be appropriately used in all types of spaces. Hang or display to your heart’s content.

When it comes to tropical beach oasis inspiration, there are a myriad of possibilities for you to explore, even when spaces are tight and you are on a budget.

Whether your vision is grand or minuscule, you are bound to find pieces and colors that inspire you and make you yearn for the real thing. What are you waiting for? Start decorating!


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