Beach House Casa Spa by Gomez de la Torre & Guerrero Arquitectos

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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Casa Spa located in Playa Gaviotas, Canete, Peru was completed by Gomez de la Torre & Guerrero Arquitectos.

It features an interior colored in pale neutral tones emphasized by the natural light penetrating the large windows that also provide beautiful views of the ocean.

This home consists in three different levels that communicate but in the same time can be considered autonomous.

The ground level includes a patio which is considered to be the central space of the house because all the rooms are spread around it and receive cross-ventilation. In order to reduce the sun’s intensity, the architects have used aluminum and polycarbonate.

The interior design is very modern, with a lot of vivid and light colors on the walls, furniture and flooring.

The icing on the cake is the roof terrace that can be used as a lounge, sunbathing or even for swimming because there’s also a swimming pool installed.


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