Inspiring Residence In Ohno, Japan

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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This lovely residence can be found in Ohno, Japan, and it was designed by a company called Airhouse Design Office. It was built on a picturesque site on a Japanese persimmon orchard, and so it is surrounded by numerous examples of natural vegetation that give off a sense of tranquility and privacy. The owner wanted to be able to enjoy wide open spaces as well as high ceilings, which is why the architects opted to go with a layout based on 7 thick columns and a generous rooftop.

The private living areas such as the bedrooms are found within the columns for privacy purposes, and they feature large windows. The social areas, including the living room, dining room and kitchen are found inside the open spaces found between the columns.

The interior design includes white walls complemented by natural wooden floors and wooden furniture pieces. The lighting arrangements hang from the ceiling and contribute to an atmosphere of warmth and calmness. This isn’t necessarily the most spacious home in the world as it offers 1,377 square feet of living space, but it is definitely one of the most welcoming and comfortable ones.

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