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As the movement towards modern, city-centre student apartments increases steadily, with young people leaving behind the more traditional house shares and refurbished homes in favour of something a little more lavish. This opens up an opportunity for investors to garner an excellent property offering with high rental yields and the potential for house price growth in the coming years.

Looking to invest in student property, and wondering what sort of amenities to look out for? Here are some of the most common amenities in student accommodation builds.

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Smart solutions

With growing environmental concerns in the UK, specifically of pollution and congestion in cities, developers and property companies are constantly adapting and developing their designs to be more conscious and eco-friendly. The concept of the ‘smart building’, one where core functions and features such as heating and power distribution are controlled and monitored automatically, is being adopted by a lot of cities already, and will become a staple in years to come.

Not only can these developments prove to be more cost and energy efficient for building owners, saving them money in the long term versus a traditional building or structure, but the feature will future-proof the development, and entice the conscious tenant that wants to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Private, personal gyms within apartment complexes are extremely common, and something that a lot of students will be attracted to if available. You might think that living in a city centre, there are a ton of gyms memberships and gym classes available anyway, within walking distance of your apartment, but at peak times these can become overcrowded and busy, making them difficult to navigate and fit around your schedule. With a personal gym in the building, tenants can work out at their own leisure and again not have to worry about busy times during the day.

Cinema Room

State-of-the-art cinema and media rooms, with modern lighting installations, seating, and televisions/projectors are a brilliant addition to any student property. For students, not only are they perfect for getting immersed in the newest releases or unwinding after a long day of lectures and seminars, but they’re a good social catalyst, helping to bring neighbours together with one another.

Liverpool’s Islington Plaza development, a prestigious student property offered by RWinvest, is a perfect example of a build offering this popular addition. The property also has a matching lounge and games room, and features flat screen TVs, desks for working and studying, and high-speed internet to keep them connected at all times. 

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Swimming Pool

Again, an extension of the gym, having a private swimming room will be a top-notch addition that ensures your prospective property gets a lot of attention. Some of the most extravagant properties might even include a rooftop swimming pool, or even include spa facilities. These additions are admittedly fairly rare, but they can ensure you maintain the highest possible rental yields, as you can charge more for a property of this calibre. 

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