Lavish And Welcoming Apartment 3 In Tel Aviv, Israel

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Designed by Daniel Hasson and placed on a superb location in Tel Aviv, Israel, Apartment 3 is a luxurious residence that features exceptional panoramas of the deep blue ocean while providing plush accommodation options for its fortunate owner.

Featuring a superb, minimalistic interior design, the apartment was furnished tastefully and impresses with exquisite décor elements and extremely comfortable seating arrangements that tempt with endless opportunities for relaxation and leisure. The staggering views of the ocean that we mentioned before can be admired from numerous rooms, whether we’re talking about the bathroom, the living room or the fully equipped kitchen.

Measuring 2,690 square feet of living space, Apartment 3 features just 2 bedrooms, but they are both quite spacious and ensure utmost privacy and comfort at the same time. You can admire this superb abode by browsing through the following images.

Apartment 3 by Daniel Hasson:

TLv apartment project of House.

Using three main colors black and cream mocha best materials Luxury.

Urban luxury apartment on the beach.

Apartment furnished with top designers also Iokraam home decor – Armani and Fendi Casa.

Apartment 250 m (2,690 ft) with two bedrooms only.

It was divided into two suites and a spacious living room to create a feeling of space with the Privacy occupants.

Position because there is a sense that the apartment hovering over the sea was important that sitting in the living room will be facing the view.

Wall shows that the sea is reflected in the black, but it is practical and used multimedia wall.

The apartment has advanced technology and smart.

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