Energy Efficient Midori Uchi Residence In Canada

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Aside from its superb contemporary layout and comfortable living arrangements, the Midori Uchi home in North Vancouver, Canada also distinguishes itself thanks to its incredible energy efficiency. Designed by Naikoon Contracting and Kerschbaumer Design, this outstanding residence features 3 prestigious degrees of green certification: Built Green Canada Platinum, R-2000 Certification and LEED Canada for Homes Platinum rating.

Even the name of this place means “green home” in Japanese, but what is even more impressive is the fact that this home is actually the very first of its kind in the Lower Mainland, and that’s because it is actually completely net-zero. What this means is that Midori Uchi is capable of producing more energy than it is able to consume, all thanks to a series of special facilities that include a grey water filtration system.

The residence was built using locally sourced and reclaimed materials, and it represents a functional symbol and an example that we can definitely build and live in homes that are energy-friendly and environmentally conscious without having to spend a fortune on their creation.

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