10 Celebrity Homes That Have Skylights

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It’s no secret that celebrities fork out a lot of money to spruce up their homes. However, one aspect that most celebrities have in common is their love for natural light. That’s why if you Google to view celebrity homes, most of them have skylights. 

If you want to create warm and illuminated rooms for your home take a look at these top 10 celebrity homes for inspiration. If you decide you want a roof window there are skylights Sydney service providers can come and install for you so you can add some style to your home. 

Now, without further ado, let’s see which celebrities have skylights installed in their homes.   


1. Eva Longoria’s Large Round Skylight 

Eva Longoria has a beautiful spacious home with wooden flooring and neutral colour walls. She installed a large round centre skylight to illuminate her home which gives it an airy atmosphere. Since she lives in LA she can do some star gazing through the skylight on a clear night. 

2. Square Skylights in Toby Maguire’s Mansion

Toby Maguire’s living room has two joined sloped ceilings with wooden pillars that are separated by four square skylights. The shapes of the skylights and wooden accents give a masculine aesthetic to the entire room. 

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3. Lined Skylights in Zac Efron’s Old House 

Zac Efron had a neat home in the Hollywood Hills made up of straight lines and neutral tones. On the top floor, he had a flat ceiling with two long skylights that illuminated the wooden floors and face-brick walls. 

Unfortunately, Zac has since moved out of this house but it still has the skylights. Hopefully, the new owner is enjoying the natural light. 

4. Meryl Streep’s Center Skylight

Meryl Streep’s house is as fabulous as her red carpet outfits. In a neat hallway is marble flooring that reflects light coming from a square skylight in the middle of the passage ceiling. The skylight has a streamlined design and it’s not large. It’s simply big enough to lighten up the hallway. 

5. Taylor Swifts New York Townhouse Skylight 

Townhouses are quite popular in New York and that’s why Taylor Swift bagged herself her beautiful apartment in the city. One feature of Taylor’s townhouse is a large gable shaped skylight situated in the middle of her living room’s ceiling. 

The white walls and pendant lights framing the other parts of the ceiling brighten up this large room & enhance the colours of the velvet furniture. 

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6. Serena Williams’ Round Skylight

Serena Williams has a passage in her home that has no windows on the sides of the room to let light in. Instead, there’s a large round skylight in the corner of the hallway that brightens up the area. The square mirror on the wall reflects the light from the skylight to brighten the area even more. 

7. Amy Schumer’s Kitchen Skylight 

Amy Schumer is known for her quick wit and hilarious comedies. But did you know she also has excellent taste in interior design? She found a way to make her small kitchen look bigger by installing a large square skylight above her kitchen sink. 

If you want a skylight that’s the same as Amy Schumer’s kitchen fixture there are many places around Sydney that can do it for you. For skylights installation Sydney service providers can do the work for you so you know your new feature will seal well. 

8. Ed Sheeran’s Long Roof Skylight 

Ed Sheeran has a beautiful home but one feature that lights up this singer’s house is the large skylight that runs along the top of his roof. The skylight has 12 panels that are joined in a gable shape to fit flush with the A-frame of the roof. 

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This large skylight will illuminate Ed’s entire house during the day. Since he lives in the UK where it rains a lot he can watch the rainfall from the sky through the ceiling window without getting wet.  

9. Robert Cavalli’s Glass Ceiling

Famous fashion designers such as Robert Cavalli will make sure they have the most elaborate ceilings. That’s why Robert has large glass panels separated by dark wooden panels that make up his ceiling. 

 10. Ron Howard’s Indoor Swimming Area with Skylights

Ron Howard has a swimming pool area with a high-rise ceiling lined with skylights. In the corner of the room is a glass sunroom with a domed shaped roof to bring in natural light and warmth. When you get out of the pool you won’t have wind to contend with; only warm rays of sunshine coming through the skylights.  

Final Thoughts

Did you find skylight inspiration from these 10 celebrity homes? If you want more ideas take a look at Alicia Key’s home and Jennifer Lopez’s kitchen for more designs. 

Fortunately for celebrities, they can afford interior decorators and builders to construct their dream homes. However, you can achieve the same aesthetics if you opt for a professional service provider to come and install your skylight for you. There are service providers in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide and across Australia that can assist you with all your skylight requirements.  

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