3 Steps to Styling Your Vacation Home


What do you love most about vacation? Is it the luxury amenities? Maybe it is the natural mood-boost your get from soaking in Vitamin D by the ocean. Whatever you love about it, there are a series of style and design tips that you can apply to your vacation home to play-up what you love most about taking a vacation.

Choose a theme

Much like decorating your own home, decorating your vacation home gives you the opportunity to let your personality shine. When decorating your vacation home, be sure to not go overboard with a certain theme. It is all too easy to get consumed with a beach theme when your vacation home is just steps away from the sandy shores, or a rustic and rugged theme when you vacation home is tucked away in the mountains. When choosing your theme, take inspiration from the environment around you, whether it is the color of the ocean or textures you find in nature. Both casual and contemporary styles are well suited for vacation homes. However, depending on the location of your vacation home, a traditional or more formal style may be more appropriate. If you are unsure about where to start, take a look at other homes in the area to take inspiration from their design schemes.

Make your escape

A vacation home should give you a respite from the everyday stresses you experience at home. Make your vacation feel like an escape by incorporating elements that are conducive to relaxation. For example, choose paint colors that evoke a sense of calm, such as a subtle mauve, a tranquil yet confident deep blue or a misty gray that can give any room a touch of sophistication. In addition to choosing calming colors, other considerations like ensuring that there is ample natural light present throughout the space can make your home an enjoyable place to spend time. Not only can bright, natural light make a space feel lighter and even appear larger, ample natural light has mood-boosting benefits, as exposure to natural light keeps serotonin levels up. Play-up the natural light in your vacation home by introducing lighter colors into the space, from paint colors to accessories and furniture. Additionally, choosing glossy options, such as flooring and a backsplash, can boost natural light. Do your best to avoid dark furniture items as well as heavy drapes and curtains.

Add a touch of luxury

The right furniture and accessories can give your vacation home a luxurious touch. With your theme in mind, decorate your room with furniture and decor items that make you feel good, and look good, too. A platform bed, for example, gives a bedroom a fresh, contemporary look. Style your space with accessories that complement the anchoring furniture in the bedroom. You may choose to flank the bed with two bedside chests for storage. And a bench at the foot of the bed makes for a wonderful place to sit while pulling on shoes or getting ready for the day. Tie it all together with accessories like a plush rug that is soft on the feet, a chic light fixture, and cozy linens for a cohesive look.

After incorporating these styling tips into your own vacation home you’ll never want to vacation to end.

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