3 Tips to Keep Your Home Looking Fresh

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Do you sometimes feel as though your home is starting to look slightly tired, worn and dull? It is such a great feeling when you get to look around your home and feel like it is updated, fresh and clean, but mainly know that it perfectly reflects your personality. Here are a few tips on how to manage your home to keep it looking fresh.

Regular Sort Out

We are all guilty of having a messy drawer or stashing away clothes that we ‘might’ wear again. Don’t be a victim to the feeling that you have to keep everything you have, when it begins to clutter or if there is a pile of stuff that is taking up too much room, have a look through and see if you actually really need/want to keep it.

Obviously, there will be things that hold a sentimental value, but ask yourself whether keeping that jumper that you wore on your 23rd birthday is enough of a sentiment to keep the item of clothing that realistically you will never wear again. Donating your unwanted items to charity is not only benefitting you and your home, but it is also doing so much good for that charity too. 

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Wear and Tear

It is obviously so important to keep cleaning your home regularly, but it is also easy to overlook aspects of your home that need reworking or replacing due to wear and tear or general age. Does anything in your home look tired and perhaps a little broken? Even outside of the house, weathered fencing can often make a house look scruffy on the outside, and when inviting new guests over the first impression they get of your house will include a damaged, neglected fence.

Things inside the home like sofas, if your sofas are stained, why not look into sofa covers? They can completely change the look of your sofa and even the look of the whole room depending on what colour or pattern you choose.

Clean as You Go

It can be easy to look at a messy room and think ‘I’ll have a good clean later on’. You then start to dread cleaning it all up because it has turned into a bigger task. Why not help yourself out and clean as you go. Something so simple like making your bed, as soon as you get out of bed in the morning, why not make it there and then?

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Or if you are cooking and you are finished with a pan, why not just wash it so that you aren’t left with a big washing up pile at the end? This sounds so simple but try to implement this into your daily routine, it will save you a lot of time in the future and your house will constantly be tidy.

By following these simple tips, your home will look so fresh and clean in no time at all. Always remember tidy house, tidy mind.

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