The Sombre Sonoma Beach House in Los Cabos, Mexico

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Urvi Chheda
Urvi Chheda
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Sonoma House is a beach house designed in a modern style and situated near Punta Gorda Hill in Los Cabos, Mexico. The location of the house is set in a gorgeous landscape where the desert meets the sea. Also, the project orientation is set to maximize the sea view from every side of the room.


The owners visualized the concept of isolated volumes to create private spaces for the guests. And, two such private areas with a bedroom and a bathroom adorn opposite sides of the property. In the center is an elongated common area with that functions as a living room, dining room, and kitchen.

Sombre Sonoma Beach House Design

The exterior of the house matches the landscape such that it creates a camouflaging effect. Besides, it appears to rise from the desert and form an enchanting structure that blends with the rocky topography. Similarly, dusky tones are prevalent in the interiors to maintain uniformity.

Sonoma House

Sonoma House

The landscaping of the house focuses on embracing the rustic features of the environment like cactus clusters. An extended patio serves fresh sea view with the pool area. A massive, 10-meter-long pool with jacuzzi makes it a perfect holiday getaway spot. On the deck, one can lay on a comfortable sofa with a fire pit area to enjoy the fabulous skies.

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The interior of the house gives pure rustic and raw vibes. Moreover, the bare concrete surfaces with a strong texture game spread across the house like a subtle ensemble. Minimal and modern furniture pieces make the space look young and vibrant. Also, the color palette includes only neutral shades like beige, white, and black. All around the house one can find intricate detailing with black metal that makes the space look ravishing! From barstools to the main entrance gate, daunting black elements highlight the design even more.

Sonoma House

An open kitchen with beachy furniture opens up to the uninterrupted horizon view, bringing in all the sunset colors. Therefore, the harmonious construction and relaxed design make it an ideal space to get away from the hustle of the daily lives and enjoy the pure nature.

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