5 Feng Shui Tips to Help Optimize Your Bedroom

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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The bedroom is a special sanctuary. It’s the one room in your home where you can truly rest, undisturbed in an atmosphere of comforting privacy. Although this is the desirable characteristic of a good bedroom, not all rooms are set up in a way that is conducive to a peaceful environment. 

If you’re having trouble sleeping or relaxing, you might want to consider using feng shui to optimize your bedroom. Feng shui is an old Chinese tradition that values the art of arrangement and decoration, which is believed to promote peace and good fortune to various spaces.

Applying the specific rules of feng shui can be intimidating, especially for those who are new to the practice. For example, when living in a crowded city like New York, fixing up smaller places like apartment units can be a challenging game of Tetris, which is why it may be beneficial to look for a good feng shui consultant in NYC

If you want a head start in improving your rest and relaxation, below are five basic feng shui tips to help optimize your bedroom: 

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Choose the Right Objects

Before you start arranging your space, assess the objects you keep inside your bedroom. Feng shui seeks to promote positive chi (life energy) in a space through balance and harmony. That being said, the type of items in your bedroom are just as important as where they’re placed. 

Since your bedroom is a space for rest, creating a soothing environment is a must. Softer objects are preferable for the bedroom, so adding plants and furniture with rounded edges can bring tranquility into your space. Smell is also integral in your room setup: whether you’re using scented candles or a diffuser, be sure to choose comforting aromas. When selecting decor, make sure that they’re uplifting and motivational.

Feng Shui bedroom

Remove Disruptive Objects

It’s important to remove any objects promoting energy that’s incompatible with the purpose of your space. Avoid anything related to water in both a literal and conceptual sense. This includes objects like fountains, fish tanks, and even images of water through pictures or paintings. Though water can bring good fortune in Chinese culture, its strong and active energy may get in the way of a peaceful atmosphere.

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Feng shui places importance on balance, which means being able to separate work from personal spaces meant for rest. Your bedroom should be dedicated to relaxation, so take away technology like desktop computers and televisions—especially if you have trouble falling asleep. Instead, transfer these appliances to a space meant for engagement and activity, like your living room.  

Invest in the Right Bed

It’s not a bedroom without a proper place to sleep, so your bed must provide optimum comfort. If possible, choose a bed with a solid headboard, which brings stability. Do avoid headboards made of metal, as they can feel sharp and threatening. Your bed should be appropriately sized and not too high or too low. It’s crucial to ensure that the materials of your bedsheets and pillows are soft and enticing, so try using fabrics like cotton. 

Practice Balance and Harmony

Now that you’ve selected the right objects for your room, the next important step is arranging them appropriately. Of course, it goes without saying that a peaceful space is free of any clutter, so make sure that your bedroom is clean and organized. 

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The head of your bed should be positioned against the wall, with a view of the door from the opposite side. Facing the door promotes a sense of security while you sleep, though you should also avoid placing the foot of the bed directly in front of it to keep you at a comfortable distance from the entrance. 

Avoid large objects on the ceiling, especially above your bed, as they can feel suffocating. In a similar fashion, don’t hang your paintings or photos too low or by the head of your bed, which can be menacing. Decorating in pairs brings balance to the room, so if you include certain objects like pillows, make sure that they come in twos. For example, if you share the room with a partner, placing two bedside tables on opposite sides of the bed can bring harmony to your bedroom. 

Select the Right Colors and Promote Good Lighting

Lighting is important, especially when you live in a city with towering skyscrapers. Providing good sources of light can help the room feel more inviting. The colors you choose for your bedroom walls and decor also have an effect on the atmosphere. Many feng shui experts recommend the use of neutral and earthy tones, as having bright white walls can reflect more light and interrupt your sleep. 

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We all need a place to catch our breath and get a good night’s sleep, especially with the troubles and tasks that life often throws at us. Feng shui is one way of ensuring that we create a comfortable bedroom space that enhances the quality of our day-to-day lives. 


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