A House Named Fred In Orange County, NC, USA

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Built in 2013 at the edge of Duke Forest in Orange County, NC, USA, this modern residence offers 2,369 square feet of living space and was designed by In Situ Studio. It was constructed for a couple that value their privacy and have different routines, and so it boasts comfortable accommodations as well as all the necessary facilities to sustain both of their schedules.

The woman is an early bird and leaves to work early, while the man usually works late into the day into a soundproofed office. The property itself is nestled amidst the woods and features a series of perforations into its walls and roofs that offer glimpses of the surrounding environment. On its northern side, the abode is protected by a folded metal covering, while its southern side is open and bathed in natural light.

As expected from a contemporary home built in the middle of nature, this is an energy efficient residence that features a certain degree of self-sufficiency. Its hi-efficiency heat pump, energy recovery ventilation and geothermal ground loop are just some of the technological highlights. The operable windows are much simpler by contrast, but they are quite important in their own way.

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Photos by Richard Leo Johnson

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