Balanced Mediterrani 32 by ISERN


Mediterrani 32 is a residence located in Sant Pol de Mar, Spain and was completed by Barcelona-based architect Daniel Isern.

This project took shape by using a tight budget and working on a steep land with amazing views. The house is defined by the harsh site with pine trees on which is sited.

Because the architects wanted to leave minimum imprint on the land and because of the small available space, the solution was to search for a floorplan that would match the trees surrounding it.

This floorplan appears from a trunk strongly anchored to the land and is divided into separate branches on each floor that act as a terrace for the upper level and as a porch for the lower one. That’s why the interior can be easily confused with the exterior.

The materials which compose the building are concrete, iron, timber and stone, mixed in a way that highlights the character of the construction.


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