Basic Beam & Block House by mode:lina architekci

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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mode:lina architekci has designed the Beam & Block House located in Poznan, Poland. Its interior design is a basic one, not very sophisticated, with a color palette composed mainly of white and shades of gray, as well as some yellow accents.

The owners wanted to use the available space at its maximum so they even filled the under stairs space with really spacious storage, where there is even a dog house.

The kitchen includes an island, which is perfect for the family’s quick meals.

The television and the fireplace in the living room are hidden with walls’ dark color, which is surrounded with white frame.

Clients love the Scandinavian style so they wanted to highlight it in their house through the materials used (raw concrete and wood), and white and dark shades in contrast with the energetic yellow colors.

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