Beautifully Redesigned House N in Moscow, Russia

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Built during the 1990s, the House N in Moscow was the focus of a very impressive renovation project that was carried out by a company called 4a Architekten. Completed in 2013, this lavish residence now stands ready to offer luxurious living conditions for its lucky owner, who is able to benefit from all of its 3,770 square feet of living space.

Thanks to the extensive use of glass elements, the house features magnificent views of its encircling surroundings while being flooded with natural light. The inspired choice of materials and textures contrast nicely with the crisp shades of white that adorn the walls, but we should also mention the contemporary art pieces and the plethora of amenities that can be found throughout.

The residence features 2 levels that are linked via a spiraling staircase. The bedrooms boast simple, clean designs that revolve around comfort and intimacy, which is why they include single beds and some colorful seating arrangements for contrast. However, the master bedroom is a bit different in this regard, since it boasts a large bed as well as a superb bathtub.

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