Breezy Ross Residence by Griffin Enright Architects


The Ross Residence is a contemporary single-story home that got its name from a small town in Marin County, California, where is actually sited. It is positioned between a stream and a steep which was an advantage for the California-based architectural firm Griffin Enright Architects who designed it. The entry consists of a bridge that crosses a narrow stream to a second entry built of charcoal concrete board.

After being renovated, this home was transformed into a modern residence in the country by changing the existing rooflines under which a new open living, a spacious dinning kitchen area and a space for the owner’s art collection were created.

The construction is north orientated in order to capture the view of luminous scenery that is kept lit all day long.

The living area is extended by a new outdoor space provided by a deck that floats at the edge of the stream.

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