Chinkara House In Guatemala City, Guatemala

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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Built in close proximity to Guatemala City on a picturesque location surrounded by beautiful trees, the Chinkara House flaunts a combination of classic and contemporary features that allows it to stand out among its peers. Its design was inspired by the simple form of a large stone sitting on the ground, and this stone volume actually represents the core of the entire residence.

The stone body is the meeting point of various other rooms, each one being contained within their own white volumes wrapped in an artificial material named ACM. Apart from offering more than adequate accommodations in its comfortable bedrooms and large living room, the Chinkara House also includes an art gallery that functions as a private contemplation area. By contrast, the kitchen is a lively place that boasts modern appliances, a wooden dining table for 6 as well as large windows.

The windows are bright red and contrast nicely with the white façade. The wooden floors add warmth and naturalness, and they are sometimes covered by rustic carpets.

Architects: Solis Colomer Arquitectos

Photos by Marko Bradich

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