Coastland House in California

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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Big Sur, California, is the host of Carver + Schicketanz architect’s project for a retired couple.

The property is situated on a sloping edge, having the Pacific Ocean on the West side. However, the garden is big enough to host a couple of majestic oaks. To emphasize the natural beauty of the landscape, the architects used a hard stone base, but also steel and glass.

Considering the natural power of this environment, the house was designed to generate itself energy, covering up to 90% of the power usage. Sliding doors made of glass give the impression of constant connection to the outside and create an easy ventilation system.

The colors used for the design are neutral, but this is no deficit in such a beautifully colored landscape. The green of the garden and natural setting and the blue of the sky and ocean make the perfect scenery for this home to become a relaxation oasis for the couple that is going to live in it.

Photos by Robert Canfield and Claudio Santini

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