Comfortable Desert Mountain Retreat In Scottsdale, Arizona


Aptly designed by a team of architects from ArchitecTor, the Desert Mountain Retreat in Scottsdale, Arizona is a luxurious home that offers breathtaking views of the city and of the desert. As far as interior living conditions are concerned, the residence flaunts a combination of rustic and contemporary features such as wooden ceiling beams, wooden doors and modern furnishings.

However, the highlight of the abode can be found outdoors, and it comes in the form of a large terrace. This terrace includes a superb infinity swimming pool that appears to be merging with the horizon, not to mention the multiple lounging chairs and special lounging area that features a fireplace.

Apart from the swimming pool and the loungers, the terrace also boasts an outdoor TV that rises up from the ground on its own pedestal thanks to a very impressive, modern system.

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